Here are some activities going on in my world

Thanks to you Trinity Moorestown!
Here is the 4th laundry detergent delivery to a local organization's Keeping Families Together Program (KFT), this one right on Main Street Moorestown.
We still have enough detergent for a 5th delivery to Camden County's KFT program as well.
Great Job Trinity Young Adults in Church (Y.A.C.)!

Our Special Guest so far this year include:
Wendy Alexander of Center for Family Services - Keeping Families Together Program - Camden County
Jill Chiciak of Oaks Integrated Care - Keeping Families Together Program - Burlington County
Bryan Wright - Moorestown Police Department's School Resource Officer (SRO)
Stephanie Sena - Villanova Professor, Founder and President of the Student Run Emergency Housing Unit of Philadelphia
We will continue to collect Laundry Detergent donations for at-risk families that are homeless or about to be homeless. http://kberry.org/yac/

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